The final goal of our use of things is for full or ultimate being:  such being requires no techniques or nor is that goal assured by the grandeur of science. The ultimacy of being is not a technological of ultimacy but a human ultimacy. Because all agree that the techne of technology is for the use of human being. This means to say that technology is made for man, not man for technology. This is another way of saying that while technology is the end to which human ingenuity; humanity is the end at which technology arrives.

Technology has its legitimacy: that is, it’s the sole justification in humanity, only in so far as it is at the service of human being is it justified not only to exist at all but equally develop, operate and diversity.

Rationally, the moment technology ceases to be at the service of human beings, worse still, if it comes to be at his anti-service, destruction, or at the diversion of his authentic ends: intermediary or ultimate: technology, because of that, ceases to be a valid human project.

We need to readdress the means and method of our technological development. We need a good moral reflection of technology. This is a discretional technology

Technology must be made discretional by being made to be integrated into goodness for human and the universe in which he lives. Such technology thus discover its proper position in the affairs of human beings. It is to be at their constructive service. When technology is discretional, then it sees the positive, even indispensable factors, which it embodies in scientific and technological tools, that they may serve human better and in a more enduring fashion. A discretional technology makes human discover himself more as human.

Furthermore, discretional technology considers the risks, abuse and negative sides that technology comports. It takes these seriously and advises on how to eliminate them. An example is toxic waste that makes our universe uninhabitable. There must be responsible law that controls their production, management and disposal to avoid disaster to the human family no matter where these service of the human person.  We make, remake and control technical tools and must not be enslave by these. The human being must be the loving master of creation put at his disposal by the author of creation. On this ground we posit: that technology is welcome to serve our genuine human needs and makes us more human, and more natural, and ultimate goal as human beings destined for the fullest existence of eternity.