Criticism is not the same as condemnation as it is mostly conceived. It does not mean just negative appraisal, but rational, impartial and articulate appraisal whether positive or negative. The purpose of criticism is to enable us see things in a new light as a means of encouraging us to


We sometimes make judgements about one kind of case without thinking a great deal –or thinking at all –about what our judgements imply for similar kinds of cases not before us right now, or in which we play a different role. If we did think about those other cases, we


Many issues in business arise from conflicts between the personal interest of business managers and those of business; between the interest of business and society; between the interest of business and their customers. Others may be generated from a tension between the moral values and beliefs of business owners and


Humans have always needed and wanted food, clothing, shelter, and sex, but often lack a concept of value or goodness by which to understand and think about such things or about the role such things play in our lives, therefore makes the activity of evaluating lies at the center of


Dialogue is a conversation between two or more people fundamentally, the process of reasoning to obtain truth and knowledge on any topic. Dialogues are conventional frameworks that make rational argumentation possible. Dialogue do not contain only arguments. They can also contain explanation instructions on how to do something and so


Some basic categories in societies are unclear in the popular debates because we often take for granted or assume that humans have common experiences that leads to commonly held understandings that we communicate to each other. The opposing/rejecting, or favouring/conceding of terms like ‘de-regulating’, ‘re-structuring’, ‘animal-right’, ‘climate-change’, ‘gun-control’ largely determine