A concept is a reflection of concrete objects and their properties using  forms of sensory, cognition-sensation, perception and representation.  Concepts and idea to be wider than concepts. Political concepts and ideas occur when we think of and practise politics. A political concept is that  which features I’m contests for power, authority, influence, governance,  dominion and control.

A political concept, such as ‘democracy’, is not a concrete  thing. It is a general idea or view of organised group control. As such, it is an idea with a range of meaning at various times and in different contexts. As a concept it is the idea of a specific democratic society yet, it is not the idea of all democratic societies. It is like the concept of triangle, which is the idea of all and none of particular actual triangles. Thus, a political concept is a general idea or notion that could  apply to many or all societies,  institutions and situations without it being any one of them. It is, therefore,  to be contrasted to a name which is given to an individual; e.g. India, which is the world’s largest  democracy.

Political problem are thus usually concerned with such general ideas in every context.  Many of the idea of social and political thought, such as those of society, authority, class, government,  power,  justice, sovereignty,  and liberty,  are not only so general and abstract, but also  vague  in their meaning. Politics therefore requires extensive clarification of its concepts order for  it to be intelligible.

Clarification helps to break concepts into their component elements  often by way of definitions. It also achieves synthesis by showing the logical relationships of mutual implication of concepts. Clarification also brings about the improvement of concepts by recommending new definitions or uses that will assist better understanding or coherence of thought  and practice in politics. Although political concepts are abstract,  they designate ontologically events (e.g. election), phenomena (e.g. election rigging).

Political  concepts are tools for solving problems which arise in the course of our relationship with the political world around us. In seeing political concept as tools, we observe that our political transaction lead us to generate certain expectations. Following the behavioural pattern or logic of politics, we learn to acquire an ability to relate a given concept to many other familiar concepts and ability to relate  given concept to many other familiar  concepts,  so that we are provided with many other political expectations. In this way, our concept of say, democracy  is no more than such set of funded expectations  which us unlimited in scope and which is constantly changing without  sharp boundaries. With the aid of such concepts we are enabled to understand and deal with political situations that may arise from time to time under varying conditions  and circumstances.