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    Judgement about beauty and art -even judgement about whether something is a work of art or just an everyday object -appeal to principles that identify sources of aesthetics or artistic value. So, when you make such a judgement, you are invoking aesthetic concepts, even if you have not made them explicit to yourself or to others. Here are some of the aesthetic principles that most commonly support or influence artistic creation and critical judgement about art: Objects are aesthetically value if they are meaningful or teach us truths. Objects are aesthetically valuable if they have the capacity to convey values or beliefs that are central to the cultures or tradition…

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    The human propensity for making up stories exposes a strange fact about our minds. Apparently we can become embroiled in the fate of the character, feel emotions including fear on their behalf or pity, or terror, while with one half of our minds we know it is all fictional. It is only that we do this, but also that we find it important to do it, even when the emotions themselves would normally be unpleasant. Apart from raising this problem, fiction gives rise to purely logical and semantic issues. How do we succeed in referring to fictional characters, and is reference the right word when we are representing to ourselves…

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    The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination in poetry, painting, sculpture, music, dance for their beauty or emotional power is what is commonly referred to as arts or artworks “Sublime” and “beautiful” are only two amongst the many terms which may be used to describe our aesthetics experience. Clearly there are “ridiculous” and “ugly” for a start as well. But the more discriminating will have no difficulty also finding something maybe “fine”, or “lovely” rather than “awful” or “hideous”, and “exquisite” or “superb” rather than “gross” or “foul”. For one can describe works of art often enough in terms which relate primarily to the emotional and mental…

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    We are not born with ideologies, we learn them as we interact with others and accept ideas and beleifs  that are generally taken for granted in our culture. Most ideologies  serves, the interests of a particular category of people  and are presented as accurate and truthful representations of the world as it is or as it should be. These ideologies can be used to justify decisions and actions in sports. These ideologies are organised around ideas and beliefs about gender, race, social class and ability. The most widely  shared or dominant gender ideology  used in many societies is organised around the central  ideas and beliefs  that: Human beings are either…

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    Jogging, double-dutch, weight-lifting, hunting, scuba diving, darts, auto racing, chess, pokers, skateboarding, and so on. Should these be refer to as sports? Some refers to sports as physical activities that involves challenges or competitive contests. They are usually organized so that participants can assess their performances and compare them to the performances of others or to their own performance from one situation to another. However, the organization, meaning, and purpose of sports often vary from one cultural context to another. Some sports are organized to emphasize free-flowing, playful action and exist primarily for the pleasure of the participants. Examples includes skateboarding in the street or local stake park. In contrast,…

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    The following are the main of humorous situations: Any breach of the usual order of events, as wearing an unusual costume. Any breach of usual order of events that is also felt to break a rule, whether of morality or etiquette, the miser, the drunkard are all stock figure of comedy on stage and elsewhere. Anything masquerading as something it is not. Small misfortunes, like those provided by the banana skin. Wordplay, of which puns are the most obvious, but not of course the example. Indecency, has a different flavor from comic vice, just as comic has a different flavor from mere novelty and oddity. Veiled insults. And the likes.…


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